Guiding You Through Difficult Times

By  Richard Zasada |   | Posted in " Divorce "

Guiding You Through Difficult Times

Getting a divorce can be a stressful and overwhelming time for those involved. In addition to the emotional turmoil of ending a marriage, not knowing how to go about getting a divorce can add to the tension and uncertainty of the situation. However, for many couples and families, going ahead with a divorce is the best course of action for everyone.

If you’re considering or currently going through a divorce, Zasada Law LLC is here to help. We’ve created a Beginner’s Guide to Divorce to help those who are getting a divorce for the first time and explain what they can expect as they go through the process.

Keep reading to learn what to do, what to avoid, and real advice from a divorce attorney.

Getting Started

Don't wait to hire an attorney. Once you have decided to get a divorce, start searching for a lawyer right away. Hiring an attorney from the beginning reduces chances of making mistakes. It also ensures a qualified professional is looking out for your interests from the get-go.

Gather information about several attorneys. There are a plethora of divorce and family lawyers out there. Start with a Google search of attorneys in your area and make a list of names and numbers to contact.

Next Steps: Choose the right attorney

Do not rely solely on online reviews. Reviews for an attorney is only 1% of the process. Trusting reviews is a bad thing when it comes to lawyers. A lawyer is fighting all the time and making enemies. Anyone can write a review!

Find the right attorney for you. While there are many lawyers out there, there are some better suited to you than others. Talk to several before you make your choice. Through a meeting with each one, you’ll get a sense of whether or not you’re compatible, and whether they will take your case seriously. You have to have a connection with your attorney and believe in each other.

Advice from the pros

Not hiring an attorney could cost you significantly. Most people think that twenty minutes online will give them all the info they need to do their divorce but that couldn’t be further from the truth. A little bit of knowledge without the benefits of understanding what you are reading, years of trial work and preparation makes you dangerous to yourself. Remember: The person who represents themselves has a fool for a lawyer. This is especially true on an initial action. Do yourself a favor and hire a divorce attorney.

Once you hire an attorney, heed their advice. Not listening to your attorney's advice could cost you winning your case. Their help comes from years of experience and education. You didn't pay your lawyer so you can show someone how smart you are.

At Zasada Law LLC, we have over twenty years of experience in divorce and family law. You’ll speak to a lawyer, we’ll come to you, and we provide exceptional services at reasonable prices. As a former assistant state attorney with over 1000 successful cases, Zasada Law LLC can help navigate any divorce, custody, military divorce, criminal, or domestic violence case. To learn more about our firm, click here or contact Zasada Law LLC here.