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A BETTER WAY FORWARD. Eliminate fighting, Power struggles, stop the lying, no Court Battles, Save Money. Working together for the future of your children!!

In the collaborative divorce process the focus is on reaching mutually agreed-upon settlements out of court and without Court intervention. Collaborative divorce is a private process that minimizes public exposure of sensitive family matters. It saves time and money because parties agree to openly share financial and other information relevant to the divorce without intervention by the court.

Taking the step to end your Marriage through the collaborative divorce process can ease pressure, make it less stressful for the whole family, stops fighting and name calling, and allows two people who were once best friends to remain so. Collaborative divorce is for people who want to avoid the negative impact of divorce on their children, their pocket book, and limit stress.

In a Collaborative divorce the Parties must commit to the process. They must commit to show mutual respect and openness to resolve issues in a way that takes into account the needs of both parties. If you are in a marriage and realize that divorce is the best option but also realize and dread the long drawn out divorce process a collaborative divorce is probably for you. It’s for people who really want an uncontested divorce but still have details to work out. If you have children and can’t work out time-sharing or you have a large amount of assets but can’t decide how to divide them…this may be what you are looking for. Many people who are in long term marriages realize that they have to get out of the relationship but also realize that they are best friends and do not want destroy the other party. They also want to be fair and want to make sure the other Party is taken care of. Your Collaborative legal professional will get other professional involved, like accountants and psychiatrists when needed, so you can figure out together what is fair and equitable. Enough of the fighting. Call Zasada Law, LLC today at 850-346-0069 to set up a free consultation and a way forward.