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Handling family matters, especially divorce often involves a lot of complexities which can bring emotional toil. But hiring the right legal services can help you to set down the path to winning your case and working towards getting the best possible outcome. Well, you need a family lawyer who will understand your priorities and develop a legal strategy to safeguard these interests.

Our experienced attorneys provide clients with professional legal assistance for a broad range of family law cases in panhandle of Florida. We will adopt a personalized approach to help you steer through all aspects of divorce law, including the following:

  • Divorce- We guide clients through contested and uncontested divorce in Florida, including preparing for complex divorce litigation. 
  • Property division- We are here provide legal help on all the complex issues related to high-value property division, including division of retirement assets, business assets, homes, real estate and other high-net worth property.
  • Child custody- Matters relating to children are often the most sensitive and challenging. Our attorneys understand these concerns and give the thoughtful care and attention they deserve. We work to protect your parental rights, as well as the best interests of your children. 
  • Child support- We provide a detailed guide that defines the process of establishing and modifying the existing child support orders. 
  • Spousal support- Since we know that alimony (spousal support) is a tricky aspect, we’ll help you understand your rights and navigate through to accomplish your goals as efficiently as possible.
  • Mediation- Not all divorces end in bitter disputes. So, we offer the most effective and productive mediation services to help you resolve such important issues without resorting to the court and achieve the best possible solution for your family. 

Don’t wait any longer to contact our professional lawyers about your family law issues; we are here for you. Take advantage of our flexible appointment availability and affordable payment options! Well, it doesn’t matter whether we conduct a consultation at your home or our office, we promise you of our full, personal attention. It’s this perfect time that we welcome the opportunity to answer the questions regarding your case and then review the facts. 

We are always committed to protecting our clients’ best interests; whatever their legal needs may be. We handle each case personally but professionally and with utmost care. Therefore, we'll strive to ensure that your interests are represented appropriately.

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